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Welcome to the attending field - a gathering of interdisciplinary arts practice paying attention to our contemporary environments.
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An Ecopoetics Exhibition,


Welcome to the website for the Ecopoetics project at CCANW

June 6-28, 2009

Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, CCANW (http://www.ccanw.co.uk >>)

An exhibition and range of activities presenting contemporary text-based responses to a changing environment, including:

  • site-specific work
  • performance
  • found poetry
  • digital writing
  • critical discussion.

Skylines is an exhibition, a festival, and academic forum. An innovative project with an international focus bringing together work in the interdisciplinary fields of creative writing and ecology. Mixed media work including site-specific installations, paintings, text, and video, will be displayed in and around the gallery throughout the duration of the project, while the launch day on June 7th, and festival day on June 20th, will see a wide range of diverse artists coming together in performance, enquiry, and celebration. A focus on new media and writing with digital technologies helps to re-position the subject of Ecopoetics within a contemporary landscape. Workshops will engage young people and charities in the local community.

Main events:

June 7th: Introductory talk from the Curator, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett; Guided tour of site-specific installation The Primitive Hut by Simon Persighetti and Frances Crow (LIMINAL); Readings from Mark Goodwin and audio recording from Alice Oswald.

June 20th: SKYLINES festival!

  • Academic forum held in the University of the Trees in Haldon Forest, featuring Allen Fisher, Head of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, author of PLACE (Reality Street, 2005) and PROPOSALS (1990-2009 in progress) - digital prints that draw from the debate about energy at the level of consciousness and cognition, proprioceptive experience and the ecological inheritance and future; Redell Olsen, Maggie O’Sullivan, Anna Reckin, Harriet Tarlo and more. Chaired by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett.
  • Our Voices Rising kite workshop with Albert Pellicer
  • multimedia screening in collaboration with digital studio Mediaalive (including screening of Laser Poetry tag workshop)
  • music from local band the Chill Acoustic
  • an evening of poetry readings from poets including Sean Bonney, Allen Fisher, Maggie O'Sullivan and many more - download CCANW's brochure and/or contact the Curator for further details.

skylines kite

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