Allen Fisher

PROPOSALS, 1990-2009 in progress.

Digital prints from photographs of a watercolour, ink and collage book. Six images from a project underway consisting of 35 emblems. Each emblem consists of a poem, an image and a commentary Photographs to produce the image from the PROPOSALS book taken by Paige Mitchell.

Allen Fisher has been writing since 1962; participated as poet, performer and installation artist with the English Fluxus group in the 1970s; started professional work as a painter in 1978. He became Head of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005. He has produced over 140 publications of art documentation, conceptual work and poetry. He employs interdisciplinary techniques in performance and installation works, drawing mainly from poetry and visual art. Part of his processual work is in the Tate Collection and his painted work is owned by museums in Hereford and Iceland, the King’s College Archive and private collections in America, Australia and Britain. He currently lives in Hereford and Crewe and ‘in transit’.

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