Haldon Ecopoetics Project


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Call for Submissions

We are looking for papers and new writing exploring the creative and critical edges between writing and ecology (as Jonathan Skinner set out to do with the journal "ecopoetics"). We invite papers which aim to move the discourse of ecopoetics on to a consideration of today's writer in today's landscape. We would therefore like our contributors to consider how ecopoetics today can relate to urban and digital landscapes, as well as to the natural world, as ideas of connectivity and the role of the artist change in the face of globalization and the reach of the internet.

What poetic and linguistic strategies can evolve from "reading the poem as a site/sight of encounters between material and conceptual geographies" (Tonya Foster), when materiality ranges from field to page, from gallery wall to outside landscape; from hypertext to digital projection? Which poets are currently engaging with these issues? What, in our digital age, do we mean by ecopoetics?

To further this investigation, CCANW are hosting an exhibition and range of activities presenting contemporary text-based responses to a changing environment, including site-specific work, performance, found poetry, digital writing and critical discussion. We ask for creative submissions for the exhibition, and for critical papers to be presented at an Ecopoetics Forum.