Haldon Ecopoetics Project



Saturday June 20th

Please also see further details in CCANW's own brochure, downloadable from this site or from CCANW's website. Book your places NOW by calling CCANW on +44 (0)1392 832 277 - places are strictly limited.

Forum (10am-1pm)

4/3 Ticketed - Call CCANW to book a place

Chaired by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Session 1 will feature:

  • Anna Reckin/response from Elizabeth-Jane Burnett
  • Harriet Tarlo,
  • Allen Fisher


Session 2 will feature:

  • Cynthia Hogue,
  • Carol Watts

Multimedia Screening / Kite making workshop (1.30-3.30pm)

Choice of events - Admission free

Multimedia Screening

  • 1.30pm Introduction from the Curator
  • 1.45pm Talk from digital studio Mediaalive
  • 2pm Screening
  • featuring video work from:

Laser Poetry (workshop footage)

  • Sharon Morris
  • Rhys Trimble
  • Helen Pritchard
  • Evelyn Reilly
  • Scott Thurston
  • Mark Goodwin
  • mIEKAL aND
  • Mark Dickinson
  • Tilla Brading and Frances Presley
  • Blush!

3pm - Q&A with the poets behind the videos

Music from The Chill Acoustic (4.30-5.30pm)

Admission free

Poetry Reading (7-9.30pm)

4/3 Ticketed - **BOOKING ESSENTIAL** Call CCANW to book a place


  • Mark Greenwood
  • Albert Pellicer
  • Elizabeth-Jane Burnett
  • Hannah Silva


  • Harriet Tarlo
  • Carol Watts
  • Cynthia Hogue
  • Sean Bonney
  • Maggie O'Sullivan
  • Allen Fisher

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